Kemitraan Bali Resik

Collective initiative to solve the waste management problem in the Island of the Gods.



Kemitraan Bali Resik (Bali Resik Partnership) is a Multi-Stakeholder Forum developed based on collective ideas and agreement to expedite essential collaboration and coordination on waste management for the island of Bali, in line with the traditional, cultural principle of Tri Hita Karana (Harmony with God, Harmony among people, Harmony with nature or environment) and focused on research-based evidence of waste management priorities (urgent needs).

To address the increasingly severe waste problem, the Bali Government aim to lead Indonesia’s efforts to reduce ocean plastics by 70% by 2025. The governor issues regulation through Governor Regulation (Peraturan Gubernur) no. 97, 2018 to Suppress Single Use Plastic.
In addition to the government’s effort through policies, initiatives are raising among activists, businesses, researchers, and communities to make their stand in combatting plastic waste, by providing waste management services, beach cleanups, campaign waste sortation at source, and conduct research to publicize the latest data of Bali’s waste generation and leakage.

Established in 2020, Kemitraan Bali Resik exist as response to address the importance of waste management in the island of Bali. The forum is a collective initiative among waste management stakeholders (organisations and individuals), to expedite essential collaboration and coordination on waste management problem from the research-based evidence.
In line with the Balinese’s cultural principle of Tri Hita Karana (Harmony with God, Harmony among people, and Harmony with environment or nature), the forum is informally, but closely, works with government, traditional villages (desa adat), and civil society on the problem and solutions for the better waste management in Bali. The forum also aims to shares information, problem solve, and promotes opportunities for proactive and innovative improvements towards waste reduction.


The principles

As a collective effort to encourage wider participation in solving waste related issues, the round table encourage and support various organisations, institutions and initiatives to create sustainable solutions in reducing waste to landfill. The round table also encourage households, businesses, and institutions to establish waste separation at source, and support the accessibility to waste management collection and services.
Along with the on ground-based activities, the round table initiative plans to support the government, Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), and independent parties to adopt fair and safe working conditions; and to support the alignment and contribution in building a shared dataset, tools, and impact measurements. Each of the member can share their experiences and expertise related to waste management, which includes sharing recommendations to the government.

Collaboration Program


Name  Description  Link  Logo 
Eco Bali  Organisation  
Griya Luhu/KKPS  Organisation  
I Gede Hendrawan  Individual     
Jane Fischer  Individual     
Lucy Mitchell  Individual  Organisation  
Merah Putih Hijau (MPH)  Organisation  
Ni Made Widiasari  Individual     
PPLH Bali  Organisation  
Rumah Kompos Padang Tegal  Organisation  
Supardi  Individual     
SYSTEMIQ  Organisation  
TPST-3R Desa Adat Seminyak Organisation: Waste Processing Facility