Solving Waste Management Issues Together
Kerja Sama Mengatasi Permasalahan Pengelolaan Sampah

Bali, the Island of the Gods, is known worldwide for its beauty, yet is struggling with a growing waste problem. This platform is dedicated to sharing how, why and where this is happening.

Explore Bali’s waste and ocean plastic landscape. Learn where to focus efforts. Meet those working on the frontline.

Bali Partnership Platform

Bali Partnership Platform

The Bali Partnership Platform is a result of a five-month research effort by the Bali Partnership, in partnership with Governor I Wayan Koster’s Waste Management Task Force and the provincial Environmental Agency (DLH), Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries – Udayana University, the University of Leeds, International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), and SYSTEMIQ created to stop ocean plastics pollution through circular waste management solutions and contribute to Indonesia’s National Action Plan on Marine Plastic Debris, a commitment to reduce ocean plastics by 70% by 2025, as stated in the Presidential Regulation No. 83/2018.

The Bali Partnership Platform allows users to build dynamic maps incorporating known data on Bali to answer questions like:

  • How waste is managed across Bali’s nine regencies and 57 sub-districts?
  • Which sub-districts should be prioritised for waste management interventions?
  • What is the total amount of plastic leaking into the ocean from Bali, and how it varies geographically across the island?
  • Which river tributaries are the largest leakage points?
  • How many sub-districts’ waste management would need to be improved to reach 90%, 70% and 50% Bali ocean plastic leakage reduction goals?
  • Who is working on ocean plastic and waste management interventions across Bali, and where are they working?
  • Which organisations you can volunteer to get involved with?

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