Data sharing policy

Bali Partnership Platform is committed to provide high quality and updated data of waste and ocean plastic landscape. All the data provided on the Bali Partnership Platform have been collected through several methodologies based on Primary Data (Household Waste Behavior Survey, Household Waste Characterization, Landfill Tracking) and Secondary Data (additional sources of data from government and university). 

We provide open data sharing policy to make our data discoverable, usable, and sharable, as an effort to support and encourage the implementation of public information disclosure through open data platform. For more information about how you can use and share the data within your organisation or to public, email us at 

Open data policy

Bali Partnership Platform has an open data policy, which intended to provide information free of constraints and restrictions on use. All the information in the platform, including data, graphics, charts and other material we produce carry the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licensing, which means you are able to share, download, and use the data for any purposes, including commercial and noncommercial uses. As users, you must attribute the data from Bali Partnership Platform appropriately, using the information provided in the description of each data set. 

Some data displayed on the Bali Partnership Platform was developed by other contributors and organisations and may carry other licensing and/or permissions. Some of the video graphs and photographs featured on this platform have been licensed under non-transferable terms or have been acquired from photo sharing sources with that have their own policies for public use. Unless indicated otherwise, the CC license described above does not apply to videos and photos used on this platform.  

Terms of use

  • For data sets produced by Bali Partnership Platform, you are free to use, distribute, copy, modify, and display the data for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You are free to use maps, graphics, charts, and other representations of data on the website and map section, with the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. 
  • You must attribute the work as indicated in the metadata or licensing for each individual data set. Provide link to This will ensure that people can have access to the latest information that we might provide in the future. Please use the information below for attribution: 
  • The information was prepared by PT SYSTEMIQ Lestari Indonesia. Though the information herein is believed to be reliable and has been obtained from the methodology described below and public sources believed to be reliable, PT SYSTEMIQ Lestari Indonesia makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness.  
  • The research was conducted using both primary and secondary data collected through several methodologies and applied in a model called the Plastic Pollution Calculator developed by ISWA and the University of Leeds. 
  • The primary data was collected by the University of Udayana in Bali, SYSTEMIQ with the support of DLHK Bali (Bali Province Environmental Agency). 
  • Your use of the data on the platform does not give you any ownership rights in the intellectual property. 
  • If you have any questions about citing or reusing contents from Bali Partnership Platform, please contact us.